Puma sko V1.10 K i FG REA


Puma sko V1.10 K i FG REA

Football, professional football boots for the game on hard natural surfaces.The top layer is made ​​of a soft, wear-resistant, easy kangaroo leather with UNI-technology, where the upper layer of boots are not glued and stitched to the sole. Innovative technology Puma-AptoLast creates a comfortable and a good fit to the foot, with an accuracy of repeating the shape of the foot of the player.Lace, centrally located, close the valve, which does not allow moisture to get inside the shoes, increases the area of contact with the ball, creating a level playing surface, allowing excellent ball feel and apply very precise strikes.

Perforated insole material EVA inside the boots is excellent shock absorption and reduces pressure spikes on foot player.Solid sole frame of heavy-duty, lightweight Pebax sole material support and makes it supple.The middle part of the sole is reinforced insert from TPU plastic, which gives additional stability.Insert in the sole in the forefoot allows to obtain greater flexibility and support. Backdrop well captures the leg, creating comfort and to reduce the risk of injury during the movement. Pointed spikes improves grip, eliminate slippage, increase the agility of the player.


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